This is the BEST return on investment for you and your family! Doula Donna was a support to both my husband and I from the moment I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks. For the first and second trimester, we both required a lot of emotional support, as we had lost our first baby boy at 21 weeks from multiple congenital heart defects. Although physically, I felt fantastic, emotionally I was incredibly stressed, and so my husband and I relied on her expertise throughout our routine appointments with my OB practice, as well as specialty visits to CHOP. As we got the all-clear from the babies cardiologist, my nerves began to settle. My third trimester started in the early summer months, and during this time, Donna continued to prepare my husband and I, not only with weekly Q & A sessions (on our end) but with Childbirth Education classes held in her home. These provided us with visuals, hand outs and hands-on tools and strategies that we could use in the labor and delivery room to work through contractions, and make me feel as comfortable and SAFE as possible. It was a wonderful, supportive and intimate setting. I did not have a specific birth-plan, I only knew that I wanted what was best for my baby, and what would get the baby out as safe as possible, with minimal intervention. Donna told us in class that if we wanted to see how long we could labor before considering an epidural, we should choose a code word that required intention. I told Donna, should I choose to have an epidural, the code word would be ‘peanut butter and jelly’.

As 40 weeks came and went, my little one loved their “apartment” and took their time entering this world. As I got farther and farther away from my due date, I began to have that nervous, anxious feeling again. Donna reassured me that 4% of moms have their babies on their due date and not to worry. Since I was already done working, and our bags had been packed for weeks, she gave me ideas for daily activities to keep my mind and body moving, as to not perseverate on my late babe. At almost 42 weeks, I awoke at 4am with a contraction. Donna told me to go back to bed, get some rest and get a good meal with my husband. My husband and I went to brunch and were stunned that this would actually be the last day, just us two. After brunch we went to Barnes and Noble and picked out a puzzle for me to do. This was also a great suggestion by Donna. As the day went on, I was instructed to get a shower, start my puzzle and continue to take brief walks outside to keep things going.

Fast-forward 16 hours later and I was in early labor. Sitting on my yoga ball (as instructed), I began to have contractions for which I couldn’t speak through. My husband called Donna, and she came to our home to labor with us. Donna helped time my contractions at home and also offered a Tens Unit, which was a lifesaver! At this time my contractions were 1 minute apart going on an hour and a half. She told my husband we need to get in the car and head to the hospital, which was about 20-25 minutes away.

On the car ride to the hospital, Donna told me to put on my headphones and breathe through the contractions. We arrived at the hospital at 10pm through the emergency department. Donna explained to my husband what would happen from here on out. We were showed the way to our room. I was told I was 100% effaced at 3cm. I was SO discouraged. The pain and rolling contractions had me convinced I was at least 5cm. Donna told me not to worry and offered multiple laboring positions, which took a ton of the pressure off my hips. My husband was so nervous and Donna was an AMAZING support to him. During working through contractions with my Tens Unit, Donna had me on my side, over the back of the bed, squatting, on the ball and in the tub (for 2 hours). I had progressed to 7cm and was SO pleased. I hadn’t noticed, but up until this point I hadn’t even had a Helpock in. I just kept listening to her and my husbands’ voice as they coached me through each and every contraction. At this point my midwife broke my water and things got REAL. My contractions were getting stronger and I was beginning to doubt my ability and stamina needed to get this baby out. Donna suggested I labor on the toilet. The hardest I’ve ever worked in my life, brought me from 7 to 10cm in 45 minutes. My midwife gave me a whiff of lemon essential oil in a damp washcloth, and with that my husband and Donna helped me to the bed to begin pushing. With Donna on one leg, and my husband on the other, she coached me through my breathing, while instructing my husband on how to hold my leg, and talk me through the breaks. After 20 minutes of pushing, we got our boy back. We met our son, Henry… and Doula Donna met her Grandson. It was only in recovery that I realized I never had to say ‘peanut butter and jelly’. My mom was not only my mom in the delivery room, but she was also my Doula. I recommend her skill and expertise to ANY 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th time Mom AND Dad. My husband still says to this day… “Thank God for Don.”


From the moment I found out I was pregnant with our first baby, I knew I wanted a doula who could help me have a drug free natural birth. After searching online and talking to several people, I finally found Donna. Donna was sweet, kind, and most of all knowledgeable. She put my fears and most of all my husband’s fears to rest. When the big day finally came, Donna suggested techniques to keep me distracted as well as helping me with my breathing and my meditation. When I felt like giving up to the pain, she would encourage me and remind me of the birth that I wanted. Donna was by my side for over 24 hours straight of drug free labor. Unfortunately, in the end I had to undergo a C-section due to a rare uterine defect. At that moment I knew I was going to break down emotionally, but Donna kept me strong. She was there for me during my most vulnerable, yet rewarding, moment of my life. I know I could have not done my birth without her. I cannot thank her enough for being there for me and keeping me strong. Donna is worth every penny. Even the nurses commented on how different and positive the atmosphere and labor experience was in our birth room compared to others. I now consider her a friend of the family and highly recommend her to any mother who is looking for a doula. ~ Lisa K.


Donna is amazing!! After my husband and I met her we knew our doula search was complete.
My reason for wanting a doula was non-conventional. I wanted an epidural and delivery with an OB. I had a previous miscarriage and knew I’d need sensitive support throughout my pregnancy and delivery. I had anxiety about giving birth and previous negative experiences with midwives/obgyns/and the medical industry as a whole. Also my husband wanted coaching in the delivery room since this was our first. Donna was empathetic and supportive of our decisions. Not only did she help me navigate discussions with the OBs but she helped ease my anxiety about delivery. There is NO WAY I could have labored at home for 12 hours without her support. She also gave my husband helpful ways to ease my pain and help with contractions.
After 24 hours in labor, the doctor realized my daughter was breech and I needed a csection. Donna immediately massaged my feet and prayed with us which is exactly what was right for me in that scary and frustrating situation. Donna caters to women’s needs, shows deep empathy, and was so easy to communicate with. She’s the best! ~ Chrissy W.


Jessica G

Our experience working with Donna was amazing. Our ideal birth plan was to have as little intervention as possible, while also delivering in a hospital. After a lot of reading and research, we decided that hiring a doula would be an important part of achieving that. After coming across Donna’s information, we had our initial meeting at our home, and immediately felt that it was a good fit. While we knew we wanted a natural birth, we didn’t know too much about doulas and were a little apprehensive after reading some websites and profiles for doulas who were a little more “out there”. Donna is so easy to talk to and not at all judgemental about any ideas you have for what your desired birth experience looks like. My husband was also comfortable with her after our meeting, and he had been a little skeptical about hiring a doula up to that point. Donna works with a backup, Carrie who is also wonderful. She also recommends a wonderful chiropractor, Dr Petrucci, who was amazing throughout the end of my pregnancy. Following all of her recommendations and also with her constant support via texts, phone calls, and joining me at chiropractor appointments, we were able to achieve everything that we had discussed with her. I went into labor 3 days past my due date, and labored at home as long as possible (while staying in contact with Donna) before heading to the hospital. I was in triage having a contraction while my husband signed papers, and knew as soon as she got there because someone started to apply the perfect amount of pressure to my back! Once through, we found out I was already 8 cm dilated, and everything happened fast from there. For a minute when it was time to push, I thought I was crazy for wanting to go natural, but Donna was an extremely calming presence. It is SO comforting to have someone there who you know is on your team, knows what you want, and has been through it all before. That’s Donna. Such a wonderful experience and our baby girl is perfect.
Jessica G.



It was our first pregnancy and we were expecting a little girl. My pregnancy was going really well and I was looking forward to meeting my daughter. I wanted the birthing experience to be as natural as possible. Once we met with Donna we felt comfortable right away. She recommended recourses for pregnancy and birthing before we even signed the contract. Once we decided to work with Donna, she was great in following up each week during pregnancy and provided comfort and advice during the last days of my pregnancy. During the hospital stay our birth became really complicated. At the end of the whole experience we welcomed our 8.1 lb beautiful daughter. Donna was a great help and support during the 36 hour delivery process and we would have been lost without her valuable input (especially my husband). A couple weeks later Donna came to visit us at home and presented us with a beautiful birth story that documented our experience. That is such a wonderful gift for our daughter. Donna was really warm, personable and wonderful person to work with and we wish her all the best and highly recommend her to all mommies to be.
Renata A.



After having Donna by our side for the birth of our first son, we didn’t give it a second thought of using her again for the birth of our second son. We had such a great experience with Donna the first time, and an even better experience the second time around.

Having already gone through labor and delivery with her, she knew the techniques that would help me manage the pain and knew what I could handle. Donna and my husband worked even better together since they already knew their roles from my first birth.

If it wasn’t for Donna, I don’t believe I would have the natural births I hoped for. She is a wonderful doula and has such a kind heart and I can’t thank her enough for her assistance throughout my pregnancies, labors and births.

If it’s your second birth and you think you don’t need Donna this time around, think again!

Christy C.



“My experience with Donna was nothing short of incredible. My husband and I have been singing her praises since the birth of our 9 lbs. baby boy a few weeks ago.

I knew I really wanted to have as natural a birth as possible and at 41 weeks, when I had to be induced, I was not too thrilled. Donna made me feel much better and calmer about the situation. I did not realize how fast my labor was going to progress due to the induction, and when Donna arrived, we were already in the thick of things.

It was so easy to consider the epidural once I was in pain, but as soon as Donna arrived and put a cold compress on my neck, all thoughts of the epidural left me.  She knew exactly what I needed to make me feel more comfortable and helped with breathing techniques, positions, and keeping us calm and focused.

Donna far exceeded my husband’s expectations as well. He was so grateful to have someone helping with such an overwhelming experience, and once Donna arrived he was able to really be in the moment, instead of worrying whether he was doing enough or doing the “right things.”

We are forever grateful for Donna’s help bringing our beautiful baby boy into the world.   –Lauren and Ashley


best-doula-birth“Donna is amazing. She has a calming presence and magic hands backed up by a wealth of knowledge about what a laboring mommy needs.

With Donna’s assistance, I was able to have a med-free and pleasurable birthing experience. She applied the perfect amount of pressure in just the right place to help open my hips and relieve my back labor. She was attentive and soothing – massaging my feet, talking me through contractions, even applying chap stick that she brought just for me.

Shortly after the birth of our daughter, she excused herself giving us space to bond with our daughter. The nursing staff was highly impressed with her bedside manner and knowledge, and continued to rave about her long after she had gone.

Her gifts to us didn’t end when she left. She checked in on us a few times and sent us pictures of moments she had captured during labor and delivery – moments my husband and I wouldn’t have been able or even thought to capture. After we settled in at home, Donna scheduled a visit to check in on us and brought us another amazing gift – a beautifully written story for our daughter about her journey to get here, taken from Donna’s thorough and detailed notes.

I wish I had known Donna when I gave birth to my first two daughters. I highly recommend her.” — Christine D.


labor-delivery-doula“From the moment I found out I was expecting my first baby I knew I wanted to have a natural child birth and that having a doula by my side was my best chance at achieving that goal. When Donna and I initially started working together I thought that she would help to coach me through the labor and delivery process and we’d be on our way, but Donna has been so much more than that for both my husband and I.

Donna was with us every step of the way, from sending me helpful emails on pregnancy nutrition, to accompanying me to my midwifes when my husband had to work, to researching birth plans (becoming an expert on them) and helping us to write our own. Donna brought a sense of calm and love into my life during a very difficult pregnancy and on the night I went into labor she continued to bring that peaceful energy with her throughout the whole 30 hour experience.

Donna was amazing. She was by my side the whole time I labored– throughout the whole night , lapping the halls, rubbing my back and hitting all the right pressure points to relieve my contractions. All morning in the birthing tub massaging my head and shoulder and offering words of encouragement and inspiration, and during my three long hours of pushing she held my left leg with a big reassuring smile on face, never stopping to take a break. She literally helped me to push my baby out. Above and beyond does not begin to describe Donna as a doula…She even went as far as to reach out to my chiropractor (and friend of Donna’s) to come and work on my pressure points to assist with the labor pains.

When my baby girl finally arrived Donna went out with my husband and offered reassurance to my concerned family that all was perfect with both mommy and baby. My mother-in-law later told me how grateful she felt towards Donna for sharing that news with her and that she felt better knowing I had her with me during my L&D.

Days after, Donna checked in with us several times and came to our home for a final visit. At the time of her visit she presented us with the most precious gift aside from our sweet little baby, her birth story. My husband and I cried while reading it. Donna somehow managed to capture all the important moments on paper and put it into a story that we will cherish forever and one day be able to give to our daughter so she knows the story about how she came into this world.

My husband and I are forever grateful to Donna for being OUR doula. If we are lucky enough to add to our family down the line my first call with be to Donna with the request that she helps us to do it all over again!” — Caroline O.

labor-mom-dad“Donna was an amazing support for my husband and I during the birth of our second daughter. I was attempting a VBAC two years after having my first daughter and I was very nervous about the experience. Donna was very reassuring during my pregnancy and supportive of my VBAC. She checked in on me often throughout my pregnancy, especially toward the end. She offered advice on easing my pains and helping to prepare my body for the birth process.

The day my water broke Donna was in constant communication and arrived at the hospital shortly after we did. She spent over 30 hours working with me from my water breaking to shortly after delivery. During labor, Donna helped me manage my pain by applying pressure in the right spots. She was also able to coach my husband so he could do the same. Together, they helped me through about 19 hours of labor for a successful VBAC without an epidural! She helped us communicate with the nurses and doctors, which was great because she knew things to ask or mention that we otherwise wouldn’t have known. Donna was able to find a perfect balance of involvement while giving my husband and I our space. She also took some great pictures of us during labor and right after delivery which we wouldn’t have gotten without her.

I feel so fortunate I was able to have Donna as my doula and I would highly recommend her services to anyone lucky enough to find her! We will definitely use her again when we have our next child!” — Kristen C.

Dr. Petrucci chiropractor “My name is Dr. Kathleen Petrucci and I have been practicing chiropractic/wellness for over 18 years, with a passion for prenatal care. I know how important it is to have someone who can be in the delivery room with you to support you and to be your best advocate when you need someone. I highly recommend and encourage expectant women to hire a doula. Donna has an amazing gift of touch and she is supportive, strong and relaxed when you need it most. She not only supports the mom but the family as well. I have seen her first hand in action and she doesn’t interfere with your goals. She is there to support you to obtain a healthy pregnancy and birth. Donna captures all the little things we tend to forget in our special day with her pictures and birth story. With her years of experience as a massage therapist, it is an added benefit on why she is a great doula. Donna doesn’t just start in the delivery room; she takes the time to get to know you and has a great ability to listen to your wants. She is so wonderful it makes me want to have more kids so I can use Donna as my doula!” — Dr. Kathleen Petrucci

CaitB-1“I don’t know how I would have gotten through the end of my pregnancy without Donna. I am the type of person who needs to have everything under control, and if you’ve already had a baby, you know that any kind of control over your baby’s arrival (or other activities) is not happening. So for me, the closest thing to having control over my situation was knowing what’s going on – and that’s where Donna came in. About four weeks before my due date, I called her, and thank God I did! It was my first pregnancy, and I had no idea what to expect and I had no idea what was happening. She jumped right in. No matter what my question, she was there for me with an explanation. When I asked my doctor what it would feel like when I was going into labor, and all she said was, “You’ll know” – Donna did her best to explain in detail what it may feel like, noting of course that everyone is different. So no matter how silly my question might have been, or how many times I asked the same question because I was so nervous, she calmly and thoughtfully answered me.

This was especially helpful to me because my beautiful girl did not make her arrival for two weeks after my due date! This, for me, was torture. But, a day did not go by without at least a check-in from Donna. She even took it upon herself to make me an appointment on two occasions with her chiropractor, who I loved, AND a massage therapist. I was really impressed by this, as it was something I hadn’t even thought of, but was so nice and helped a great deal to relax my body and calm my nerves.

Finally, I had to go to the hospital for an induction. I was extremely nervous because I fully planned on having a natural delivery, and I knew an induction would make this more difficult. As it turns out, I not only needed pitocin, but the doctor encouraged me to let her break my water, which made my labor go from 0 to 60. During this time, when I was feeling intense pressure mentally and physically, Donna did not hesitate to jump right in, applying pressure in just the right spots on my hips, while also explaining to my mom and husband what they could best do to help. Donna was appropriately sensitive to the fact that they both wanted to play an active role in my labor, and she expertly showed them exactly what to do so that I didn’t have to worry about it. She also did not hesitate to very respectfully remind them that I wanted minimal noise when they were excitedly calling family and friends to let them know that labor had begun. She made sure the music I wanted was playing and even periodically sprayed peppermint and lavender room spray (which she made herself with natural oils), which I loved. While all this was going on, Donna was taking notes, which she turned into an absolutely beautiful, 5 page birth story. There are not words to explain how much this means to me.

With Donna’s support, I lasted about two hours before I opted for an epidural. If it wasn’t for Donna, I am absolutely certain I would not have lasted as long as I did without medication. My contractions were immediately a minute and a half long and only 2 and a half minutes apart. An epidural was not a part of my plan, but Donna never made me feel guilty or weak for my decision. From the start, she made sure I knew that nothing was set in stone and things often change, and that that’s okay. Sure enough, almost nothing went as I planned or expected, but with Donna’s support, I felt so genuinely good about everything, and there’s absolutely nothing I regret. Even though it was not at all as I thought it would be, my entire birth experience was incredible and I look back at it with a sense of pride.

I highly recommend Donna, and I cannot say enough positive things about her! I am definitely planning on using her for all of pregnancies. Her wealth of knowledge, calm and assured demeanor, and comforting maternal instinct is exactly what I need to make my birth experience the best it can be.” — Caitlyn B.

IMG_1632“After years of trying to conceive and multiple losses, we were beyond excited when we finally made it to our second trimester. At that point, we decided that we wanted to use a doula to provide us guidance through the rest of my pregnancy as well as support during labor & delivery. We wanted to ensure we were doing everything we could to have a worry-free pregnancy and smooth delivery. Although I wasn’t against having an epidural, I was hoping to have a medication-free delivery and I knew having Donna by my side would give me the best shot at this.

Donna was great from the second we met with her. She offered advice on how to reduce the back pain I was having, as well as provided daily exercises that would help my body prepare for delivery. She also provided information on things we may want to ask of our doctor during labor. Donna never pushed her views of childbirth on us and simply ensured we had all the information needed to make an informed decision that we were comfortable with.

A few days before James’ birth, I called Donna and told her I had been feeling very nauseous for the passed two days and she said she wouldn’t be surprised if I went into labor very soon. To my surprise, within 24 hours, I started having contractions (6 days before my due date). My husband called Donna and she arrived at our house to help guide us through labor. She massaged me through the contractions, applying pressure in the right areas to help ease the pain. She also gave me other helpful items to allow me to get through each contraction. After arriving at the hospital, our son was born within three and half hours. Because of Donna’s guidance through my labor, I was able to have the drug-free labor that I had hoped for. Not only was Donna someone I could lean on during labor, she also coached my husband through the process so he could be as helpful as possible for me. Her calming presence in the delivery room kept me positive through the whole experience. I truly believe if it wasn’t for the advice provided by Donna during my pregnancy, I wouldn’t have had such a picture-perfect labor & delivery. My husband and I are so grateful to have had such a strong, caring woman by our side during this amazing time of our lives.

Donna checked in with me multiple times during the days and weeks after our son’s birth. She provided a lovely birth story that we will have forever to help us remember that special day. I would recommend using Donna to anyone who is pregnant, especially first time parents, and we will certainly be using her support for future pregnancies.” — Christy C.

labor and delivery“As a first time mommy and daddy, my husband, Ryan, and I were experiencing the normal anxieties of my upcoming labor and birth. Would we be able to get through it? How much pain would I be in? How could Ryan help me and support me while I was laboring? Would our birth plan go smoothly? All of these questions were lingering in our minds for quite some time, so we decided to meet with Donna.

She was able to ease our minds and walk us through the process of labor and birth. I could literally see the weight being lifted from my husband’s shoulders. He now had somebody there to support him so that he could adequately support me. Donna’s peaceful and positive spirit was exactly what we were looking for to help us overcome our fears.

When it was officially “go time” Donna was there every step of the way. She even offered to help me labor at home for a little while before traveling to the hospital. Once at the hospital, Donna walked with me and Ryan around the hallway floors for hours as I was experiencing intense and frequent contractions. My husband was given gentle/quiet cues from Donna to help me get through each contraction– relaxing my shoulders with his hands, remaining quiet throughout the contractions, breathing with me to help stay focused. After walking, Donna recommended that we use the hospital’s jacuzzi. This was extremely helpful and relaxing. Without her, I do not know if we would have asked to use the jacuzzi at all. While contracting in the jacuzzi, Donna gave me Play-doh to squeeze in my hands, which helped me to focus while spritzing the room with lavender scents to calm me down.

After 24 hours of laboring, it was apparent that my original birth plan was not going to pan out. The doctor came in to tell me that I was going to need a C-section. When he left the room, Donna filled me in on all of the details of a C-section. Donna was there from the minute my labor began until my baby boy Everett was born and I will forever be grateful.” — Lauren L.

baby-doula-birth-help“Simply…you should hire Donna Landeta as your birth doula. My wife interviewed 3 doulas and decided on Donna because of her obvious passion for what she does and her down-to-earth nature…it also didn’t hurt that Donna is a massage therapist! Donna visited us at our house well before our due date (with her back-up) and then stayed in touch with my wife leading up to the big day.

My wife was induced at night with the assumption that she would begin labor the next morning. Donna told us to call her when my wife began having contractions (even if it was the middle of the night) and that she would arrive within a half-hour. My wife started having contractions the next morning at 7am and we waited until 8am to call Donna. That first hour of my wife’s labor was frightening and painful for my wife. We were both feeling very helpless…nothing I was doing was helping her with the pain. Donna showed up about 30 minutes after we called and I really cannot overstate how great it was to have her there. She took over the space and immediately created an environment that was much more suitable for my wife. Her experience was immediately obvious and I remember thinking, “I never would have thought to do the any of this.” My wife’s labor ended up being very intense (20 hours with contractions every 2 minutes for much of it) and the hospital was overloaded on the day we were there, so the midwife/nurses were barely in the room. Donna was there by my wife’s side for 20 straight hours without taking anything more than a bathroom break once or twice. Both her calmness and ability to take charge (without making waves with the hospital staff) were impressive. We were trying to have a natural birth, but in the end our baby girl was in the wrong position and causing my wife a lot of pain, so she got an epidural. To give an indication of how much my wife needed Donna, when she was told that she could only have one person in the room for the epidural procedure, she asked her mother and I to leave and chose to have Donna as her one person!

The entire process culminated at 4:42am with a very difficult vaginal birth due to the baby’s position. I’ll spare the details of the birth, but to put it mildly, it was a trying time. Donna continued to be steady throughout and while helping my wife through the final push, she also helped me through a moment of near unconsciousness due to being told (mistakenly) that our baby had a significant birth defect. In the end baby and mom were both fine…and I was very thankful that Donna was there to focus on my wife while I took a forced time-out.

In summation, my wife and I consider Donna family after our experience and we were so happy to have her there to guide us through the birth. She was great at understanding what my wife needed even when she could barely communicate through the pain and for me, having her there was the best money I ever spent. Thank you Donna!” — Matt & Jillian B. (and baby Eliana)

baby2“I don’t know what stars must’ve aligned the day I found Donna. She was recommended to me by chance through a string of people, and I am so lucky. I knew we were a match just by speaking to her. Donna is so absolutely confident in her work and her knowledge, something that was and is so refreshing and reassuring to me. Her presence even before the birth brought me peace and confidence. I was unexpectedly induced and as soon as Donna arrived and I saw her face and she hugged me, I immediately felt a wave of relief. In that moment she articulated my own feelings to me that I couldn’t express on my own, and validated them. Having her support during my 40-hour labor (& 2.5 hours of pushing) meant the world to me. I absolutely loved my midwife but Donna was like having an old friend by my side. The first face I saw after my son arrived in this world was Donna’s smiling face, telling me “you did it!” And assuring me (over and over) that my baby boy was okay.

I feel closer to Donna than ever after my birth experience, and I consider her a cherished friend. The journey of motherhood is not easy, and I am so grateful that Donna’s support didn’t end when she left the hospital. She continues to check up on me, support me, and listen to me. Women need other women; especially strong, intelligent, self-assured, supportive women such as Donna. I do not take my female friendships lightly and I am so thrilled to count Donna among them. She was present during the most important day of my entire life and I honestly believe our friendship will be lifelong.” — Chelsea P.

Milburn 3“I knew very early on in my pregnancy that I wanted a labor and delivery as free from medical intervention as possible. My husband and I decided that having a Doula would be an essential part of our support team and luckily Donna came highly recommended by multiple friends of ours!

Donna was a great resource from the very beginning. Her wealth of knowledge and passion for her profession made it a pleasure interacting with her. Donna checked in with me regularly and was very easy to get a hold of whenever I had questions in regards to my pregnancy or upcoming delivery.

As my July 27th due date came and went I began to worry about having to be induced. Donna helped me stay calm and focused, reassuring me that Baby Timothy would come when he was ready. As we waited for his arrival, Donna recommended guided meditation, staying active whenever possible, and continuing to see my Chiropractor, Dr. Petrucci for treatments and massages. I truly believe all of these things helped Baby Timothy to come on his own!

On August 1st, I called Donna to fill her in on how I was feeling and let her know that I thought things were really starting to progress. She encouraged me to contact my doctor and ended up meeting me at the hospital soon after.

Donna stayed by my side throughout my entire labor, massaging my back to relieve the pain and encouraging me to change positions to keep my labor progressing. At one point Donna was literally holding me up as she helped me stand and sway side to side to alleviate any discomfort! It made me feel at ease knowing that she was there to help me make the right decisions and move things along. She was also a great help to my husband, guiding him in how to best support me. Donna physically helped me push for a tiring 4 hours, reassuring my husband and I that our baby boy would be here soon.

Soon after our son was born, Donna greeted our families to share photos and let them know mom and baby were doing well. In the weeks after Timothy’s birth Donna checked in with me several times, offering advice and letting me know she is always available if I had any questions. Donna even gifted us with the beautiful story of our son’s birth, which we will cherish forever.

We consider ourselves extremely lucky to have had Donna throughout our amazing journey. I am so grateful for her love and support throughout my entire pregnancy, especially on our son’s birthday. Donna will always have a special place in our hearts and we know her friendship will be life long. I cannot recommend Doula Donna’s services enough to expecting moms (and dads!). We look forward to using her again in the future.” — The Milburns

IMG_4853“My husband and I were very nervous preparing for the birth of our first child. We wanted a natural childbirth, but we also wanted to know that other options would be available if needed without making us feel guilty. We also wanted to make it through without killing each other. As soon as we met Donna, we knew she would be perfect, and she lived up to our first impression throughout our experience. Donna not only helped me do things I never knew I was capable of, but also served as a comforting presence for my husband, helping me communicate my needs and helping him be my support, and also served as my advocate with the medical staff. We could not have been more thankful to have Donna as our partner and friend!” — The Simons

baby2“My husband and I are so thankful that we found Donna and chose her to be our doula, she was truly invaluable. Her presence and skill as a doula gave me the strength to have the unmedicated VBAC I was hoping for. I truly wish we had her for my first birth. My active labor was quick and intense and Donna knew instinctively just what I needed moment to moment. Her physical support and touch was perfect, her emotional support was perfect and she even enabled us to deal with an issue we had with one of the nurses. She also provided much needed support for my husband, who had just gotten back from a business trip in time to get me to the hospital and was exhausted. All in all, Donna gave us the ability to have a positive birth experience.” — Jessica DeRose