My Services

Choosing me as your Birth Doula I will offer to you:

First Meeting

This will be a opportunity for us to meet, together with your partner and for me to answer any of your questions or concerns.

Two Prenatal Visits

I will arrange up to two prenatal appointments that work best for you. We will meet and go over your birth options, some strategies and discuss what is most important to you.

On Call

I will be on call for you to contact me 24 hours a day two weeks prior to your due date until the birth.

Early Labor/Active Labor

When your early labor starts, we will be in close contact and I will begin to work with you to help you to manage your labor.

Once your active labor starts, I will work with you and offer you different positions and pain management in order to assist you through your contractions with confidence in your abilities. I will also offer your partner the continued support they need for both themselves and in their support of you.

I will make sure that you and your partner are able to communicate your birth plan to your doctor, midwife and nursing staff.

I will stay in support of you throughout the entire labor until 1-2 hours after your baby is born.

Postpartum Visit

I will follow up with you within the first 24 hours post birth. I will schedule a visit one to two weeks after you arrive home with your baby, whatever works best for you and your new family. We will chat about how your nursing experience is going, if you have chosen to nurse your baby and we will share our birth stories of your most precious day!

Fee for Birth Doula service

The fee is conservative. I am a DONA Certified Doula and am confident I will do a great job for you and your new family.